Monday, October 12, 2009

You Say Tomato

Ta-dah! Behold, the literal fruits of our "garden"; in other words, the small collection of pots living on a tiny patch of concrete landing outside of our kitchen window. Isn't it darling? I almost don't want to eat it. This is tomato #2 of our plant, but it is by far the cutest!

Last night I asserted that this tomato is our own, home-grown "organic" produce, but Will disagreed, given that I have been watering the plant with Miracle-Gro .... I know, cheating. However, this plant receives virtually no sunlight, lives in a terra-cotta pot, is the victim of space-cadet, under-watering owners, and I'm pretty sure our colorful, drunken neighbors above threw a champagne bottle at it last month. I think of the Miracle-Gro as just balancing out these inequities; it's like affirmative action for city gardeners.

On a related note, why, oh why, didn't I plant a pumpkin?! Just think how pretty nice green vines and tendrils would like outside our window.

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