Friday, September 25, 2009

Peace, Love, and Cleanliness

I love the sound of a pressure-sprayer in the morning!

To know Haight-Ashbury is to know filth. I could not have been happier this morning to see this crew of upstanding gentlemen armed with hydraulic lifts and high pressure hoses giving our building on the infamous intersection a well-deserved scrub. Since we moved in last October, I have routinely lamented the quarter inch thick layer of yuck on our front windows, mostly composed of the exhaust from the six or so bus lines that run by and goodness knows what else that floats up from the nether. I have often pondered devising some ingenious contraption to clean the outside of the windows, or pulling out some monkey-like moves to crane around the bay window openings, but usually the intimidation factor of the eighteen foot drop gets the best of me.

Lately I have been on an absolute cleaning tear with the goal not just to have the house clean on the surface, but really deep, feng shui clean; in other words, underbed storage boxes have been banned, kitchen cupboards have been wiped out and reorganized, and possessions mercilessly reassessed. Now the apartment will truly be clean inside and out, and I can ditch a pet peeve. Most excellent.

I cannot wait to go home and see the windows! Now if only people would stop using the planters out front as urinals, I'd really be thrilled ....

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