Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bats in our Belfry!

Ok, more realistically bay windows. Other than my yearly traditional carving of a cat-o-lantern (it is exactly what it sounds like), I have never really decorated for Halloween and suddenly felt in the creepy spirit. Not that we will receive any trick-or-treaters in our not-so-child-friendly neighborhood, but I thought it almost a duty to decorate at least a little in our often ghoulish and reputedly haunted 'hood (we have actually seen groups of tourists taking a haunted tour before).

I started with some eerie orange lights to give the living room a nice, creepy glow. Then, based on the overwhelming success of my 99 cent rubber bat scaring the hell out Will when he came home and saw it nailed to the door, I picked up a few more and strung one up in each window with fishing line. The total cost was only $7 and I am quite pleased with the spooky result. I'm looking forward to coming home this evening and seeing them floating in the windows.

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