Monday, October 19, 2009

Fondue for Two

After three years of ownership and at least two moves without ever opening the box, I finally broke out my Martha Stewart fondue set last night! No, it is not necessarily the domestic aspect that got me excited, it is the triumph involved. Slowly but surely, I am getting around to each and every one of my myriad kitchen gadgets to prove to Will that they are useful and I do use them. So there!

Thanks to Trader Joe's ready-to-go fondue mix which already includes emmantel and gruyere cheeses and, of course, the indispensable white wine and kirsch ingredients, it was pretty much a snap - other than the twenty minutes I spent trying to figure out how to actually use the fondue set. Thanks for the great directions, Martha.

Alright, I already know what you're thinking: Martha would be so ashamed of my packaged fondue mix. (Are you also trying to imagine what it would look like if she registered emotion on her face?) I would like to point out in my defense a few items for your consideration: 1. Martha is worth approximately one bajillion dollars; 2. The tiniest little piece of gruyere costs about $15; 3. The Trader Joe's mix was $5.49 and delicious. Recessionista wins in a landslide!

Further triumph was achieved through the usage of my pretty, 99% of the time useless rectangular platter, which was perfect for displaying steamed asparagus, yellow potatoes, green apples, and chicken sausage for dipping. That is why I needed it, Will. Although the TJ's mix already contains kirsch (cherry brandy, for those unfamiliar with it, as I was), I picked up a little bottle of it so I could throw in an extra splash (or three) to, um, improve the consistency.... 90 proof cheese, anyone?

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