Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Merde, Il Pleut!"

Earlier this afternoon, I drew down my office blinds to combat the sunshine glare (yes, I am awkwardly still working here 'til the end of the month). About twenty minutes ago, when I realized how ridiculously dark my office had become, I reeled the blinds up to see that the formerly sunny sky had blackened with the most sinister looking storm clouds I have seen in quite some time. Seriously, I keep expecting to see a dementor or Helena Bonham Carter on a broomstick whiz by. It's hailing like mad right now, and I'm looking at my pathetically miniscule umbrella that practically folds down to a teacup and wondering how it's going to hold up in 1.5 hours. I am seriously wishing I had the following bad-ass model .....

It's amazingly cheeky and I NEED it! What does it mean, you ask? "Merde il pleut" translates to "Shit, it's raining!" Obviously, I'm in love with it. It comes in about twenty different vibrant colors, but why in the world would I want any other than canary? I saw a girl carrying it this morning at the bus stop and am now thoroughly puzzled as to how she came about owning it. After a quick Google search, I found that though The Umbrella has had much deserved adoration heaped upon it throughout the fashionable blogosphere, it can only be purchased in Montreal or on a singular low-tech Canadian website. Not convenient. Merde!


TheCluelessCrafter said...

I read your profile and thought that your spunk and indecision would give me a good read. Then I saw this umbrella and had to say something! Yesterday, a curtain of rain soaked New York all day. On top of that the winds were whipping up at a scary pace. In the middle of 6th Avenue and 50th street, my whole umbrella ripped off, leaving me with a handle and mangled metal parts.

Merde, it was time for a new umbrella. Too bad this one is out of range:-(

amanda said...

I live near montreal, and I am so getting one :) (not to rub it in or anything :D)

Shanna said...

I can't believe I came across this online! I live in Montreal and was walking through the Old Port when I saw this in the window of a shop area which feature local designers.
The colour was a nude/tan. I fell in love with it immediately! That was last year, and I think about it almost every week and how I need to find the 1 hour out of a day to go and get it for myself!
Now that I see others can't get it as easily-I'm telling myself I'm pathetic!
I'm going to get it next week, hopefully they still have the nude-it was classical beautiful for every single outfit and just the right amount of egde to be different!

Janet Chan said...

This umbrella is available to buy online now: