Friday, November 20, 2009

You are the Cream in my Coffee

(Another charming phrase from one of the many charming prints in the Keep Calm Gallery.)

Alas, Starbucks, you do truly have a pulse on my weaknesses. Recently, I developed a habit that is pernicious to both bank accounts and waistlines: the afternoon coffee break. Around 3:30pm every day, without fail, I struggle not to fall asleep at my desk. Though I could probably get more done while dozing than some of my less fastidious co-workers, I am not yet ready to forray into that area of professional apathy. Maybe someday. But not this week.

The thing about the afternoon coffee break is that it is the official gateway to frivolous drinks. Caramel mochas. Eggnog lattes. Pumpkin Spice lattes. The list goes on. This past Monday, Starbucks punched me in the face with Christmas. Seriously, the extent of the alteration in the entire store was that startling. While I do actually LOVE all their felt decorations (my mom, grandma, and I decided felt was all the rage at Christmastime twenty years ago long before Crate & Barrel came around this year, for the record), it was the premiere of their brand-new drink that won me over.

What do you get when you mix two of my favorite things, espresso and burnt sugar, together? The Creme Brulee latte. Are they serious? What diabolical person sits around all day dreaming up new ways to get me? Well played, sir, well played. The little burnt turbinado sugar sprinkles they put on top of the whipped cream (again, extremely helpful for the waistline) are like little chunky, sugary bits of heaven. Try one today! (I wasn't even paid to write that.)

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Jilly said...

Oh! I've been meaning to try one of those and now you've forced me to do just that!