Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh, Deer!

Guilty as charged: I treated myself. And not a moment too soon.

A couple months ago, I was feeling particularly bummed out at work, so I decided to visit one of my favorite websites to pine over their wares: What better place than one commanding me to "Keep Calm" in a moment such as that? I first discovered the site, which sells the most incredible prints, tea towels, and post cards on the planet, through my beloved Domino. On the last page of each issue they would ask some fabulous, stylish woman to list off her Top 10 favorite objects. One woman selected the "Keep Calm Carry On" print (guess where it's available?), and I instantly fell in love with it. I cannot imagine a phrase better suited to remind me daily in a stiff upper lip, eloquent, British sort of way to basically ... Chill Out.

Per the website's description, the poster was "produced upon the outbreak of World War 2. The original poster was issued as a means of allaying public fear. The poster was held in reserve for use only in times of extreme crisis. Although thousands were produced, only a handful ever saw the light of day." Good sense and a nice dash of history all in one! Loves it. I was extremely dismayed to discover that not only does the site have a stable of these gorgeous prints in all different colors and varieties, they also sell a zillion other incredibly unique, cheeky, interesting, colorful prints that I am dying to own.

Given that the "Keep Calm" poster is a staple of said stable, it is not going anywhere. The other limited edition one's however.... As I found myself perusing, I read them cleverly and enticingly notifying me that one I particularly loved (below) was the last one in stock! Hmm, I love it, it is the last one of only eighty in the world, it is signed, YES, I am going to need to get that. But by my logic, if I'm already paying the flat rate for shipping, why not order another print I have been admiring over the past year since I discovered the site and get more bang for my buck? This is the sort of logic that knicks away at savings accounts and exacerbates Mastercard bills. But why work at a job you hate if you aren't willing to buy something for yourself now and again? Hence, Oh, Deer! (in gold) came into my life, as well.

The reason for bringing up this two-month old purchase is a perfect recessionista confluence of circumstances: one morning as I looked at the prints, sadly rolled up in tissue paper I wondered if I ever, ever would get the things framed? It did, after all, take me - not exaggerating at all pathetically - nine years and countless moves to frame a gorgeous La Boheme print. That same morning when I got into work there was e-coupon waiting for me in my inbox for Cheap Pete's Framing. Must do it this weekend!

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