Saturday, April 2, 2011

London - Day 1: Labels & Lions

We arrived this safely this morning in London (11am on 4/1 local time)! I'm a nervous flyer, so this being my first trans-Atlantic adventure, I was feeling irrationally (as Will reminds me) apprehensive. Overall, the 10-hour journey was not too shabby, with free in-flight movies of our choice, free hooch, and a getting to experience a beautiful sunset over the Rockies. Upon our descent into London, I couldn't help but notice that even London's track homes are cuter - I gleefully and dorkily observed that every little street and circle was lined with identical houses straight from a Harry Potter movie; no sign of 4 Privet Drive despite my best efforts. We barely slept a wink on the plane despite our best efforts to get comfy in coach, but that didn't stop us from checking in upon arrival, freshening up, and getting on with a long day of sightseeing and gluttony (London has already helped me love Indian food).

Started writing last night, but fell asleep. I am up now a little past 8am and can say we are successfully on London time! Going to post a few pictures right now, then off to meet up with Renita, my friend from Kappa. I'm uploading an album to Flickr, but this slow download situation is really horrendous, and I'm still figuring it out.

We are staying in a little studio inside this larger home in Hammersmith via Upon our arrival, we were created by our host and his sister's dog, possibly the cutest blenheim cavalier king charles spaniel I've seen, Buster - perfect. Forgot to snap a picture of him, sadly. Will pointed out that he is so cute because he is a "real" version - genuinely English!

Our place in Hammersmith:

We took the Underground to Green Park station, from which we explored the areas around Buckingham palace. With the wedding of the century just 'round the corner, these people are not messing around. So much of the park areas are cordoned off by green mesh while inside workers are furiously tending to every daffodil and blade of grass.

Green Park, the Queen's park

Imperious mansions bordering the park - I wonder what you have to do for a living to afford to live by Buckingham palace. Write books about kid wizards, I suppose.

Buckingham Palace

Lion and Unicorn crest? Yes, please.

At the entrance to St. James' Park

You're an odd duck

The War Museum and home of Churchill's secret wartime bunker

Big Ben

Parliament - absolutely massive!

More lions

Westminster Abbey

The Brits love to label things. A lot. Everything in its right place. One direction here, one direction, there, quite strictly. They also have an overbearing sense of safety and security. Am I secretly English?

Exploring along the Thames

Will is becoming grumpy with all the pictures at this point in the day.

Savory Street, home of The Savoy Tup

A Tup is a male breeding ram, which this man was insistent on letting us know

Will is extremely tired of pictures.

My feet are still swollen from the plane.

London School of Economics, Will's alma mater, producer of cheeky tote bags. I like.

Will worked as a bartender when the bookstore transformed in the evening.

Time for a refresher at George IV, frequented by LSE grad students.

Ok, really must get ready for the day! Check out the Picasa Album (gave up on Flickr) for more pics, including more pictures of Will getting annoyed at my taking pictures, amusing signage, and dinner with Will's LSE friends at Tayyab's.

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Jilly said...

Wow! You both must be having an absolute blast! (By the way, I'm saying this with a British accent). Love the photos, sorry Will, keep 'em coming Nik. We miss you already! Tell Harry, the prince kind, hello for me.