Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Almost Time!

No longer will people gasp in horror when they discover that I not only have never been to Europe, but do not even own a passport. The latter situation has been rectified, although to my dismay my photo does make me look like an Eastern European terrorist. Hopefully I'll be able to smuggle cheese back, nonetheless.

Here's the *bestest vacation of my life* trip rundown: four days in Londontown starting April 1, five days in Paris, three days in Brussels & Bruges, and two days in Amsterdam before flying home on April 15. More to come on specific spots we intend to see!

With our March 31 departure date rapidly approaching, I have a long to-do list of random things to buy, learn about, and do to prepare for a two-week absence, some more superficial than others:

* Plan trip activities (nope, still haven't done that)
* Redesign blog - ok, I know that's an odd one. Lately, those flowers and these colors are making me gag. I want to blog and post pics along the way, but I refuse to share this puppy more widely in its un-streamlined state
* Write up cat-care instructions for our wonderful neighbors
* Get lots of golden RX cat food to last through absence
* Get additional keys made
* Connect with London friends
* Do taxes - done!
* Look up on customs stuff - how much cheese can I bring back? This should be further up on the list.
* Learn how to make special orders in French (waiters are going to LOVE me there)* Figure out about sending postcards from Europe (bring addresses)
* Get a haircut - booked
* Make packing list
* Get adapter for electronics, including special one for hair dryer
* Set-up auto bill pay for all bills due on or before 4/15
* Mail rent check
*Shop for .....
Camera - on it's way!
Black wool coat - ordered on online, please fit, please fit
Flat boots, new black flats
Good black leggings
New big bag - my BR is giving out after 7 faithful years :(
Watch - pictured above! The last watch I owned had Winnie the Pooh on it and honey bees ticked the time. This was a grown-up step, and essential for keeping up with timezones sans cell phone.

Better get to work on these!

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