Monday, April 5, 2010

Why, hello. I didn't see you there.

The date of my last post? February 19th. Shameful and without excuse!

So, here is an update of the past 1.5 months ….

What I’ve Done:

  • I found gainful employment (and a paycheck). I work for a non-profit. Shocking! In fundraising. Unheard of! For a cancer organization. Get out of town! Yes, I have indeed landed in a lovely position at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and, YES, I work in San Francisco. Finally, after almost 5 years in Oakland! I now coordinate the Light The Night Walk in San Francisco. I work with absolutely lovely, fun people towards a great cause within the confines of my home city. What more is there to say? (Except, "Nicole, quit asking me for money for your blasted fundraisers …")

  • I mastered another recipe courtesy of Ms. Martha that Will loves: Roast Pork Loin with potatoes, shallots, and mustard gravy. Post and photographic evidence to follow.
  • I have become acutely aware that Spring has sprung in San Francisco. I have always been an Autumn-lover, but something about this Spring has really struck my fancy and made me feel awake and rejuvenated.

  • Today is Will and I’s 2.5 year anniversary. Past this point, I will no longer be counting half years because it’s just silly. The apartment is loaded to the gills with flowers from Easter, so you’re off the hook, buddy.

  • Learned about wonderful baby news from a friend who inspired me to blog in the first place. Congratulations, Brooke!!!!

  • Explored the finest craft supply places in SF with an unscathed Jill following her safe return from South America.
  • Saw Alice in Wonderland in 3-D with my mom. Quiet, haters, I loved it!

  • Raided the Farmer’s Market for an Easter feast.

  • Successfully re-habbed a piece of furniture from Craigslist. Future career? You be the judge. (Post and pictures to follow!)

What I’ve Not Done:

  • Ride that bike.

  • Decorate my new office (ok, cubicle).

  • Used the ridiculously cute knitting patterns from the ridiculously cute book I bought when Jill and I visited ImagiKnit (because I do not know how to knit).

Goals for April:

  • Ride that bike (helmets be damned).

  • Do the "House Tour" posts I have always meant to do.
  • Start composting.

  • Drink 64 ounces of water every day.

  • Back-Post like gangbusters:
    *The remainder of my Golden Gate Park pictures from my brief yet blissful time of unemployment.
    *Valentine’s Day crafty mccrafty-ness.
    *An intriguing (to me) examination of neighborhood displays.
    *Other stuff upon a more careful perusal of my iPhone snaps.

  • I would not mind using that canner I bought in, umm...., September? Apple butter? Strawberry jam? Who knows. I just want to use it.

  • Not posting about a bike-related injury would be grand. No seriously, last time I was on a bike I broke my elbow and it made for a pretty lame post-high school graduation summer.

  • Maybe just a little tinge of slightly-less-white from a fabulous Vegas getaway with my best girls!

  • Take a knitting class from ImagiKnit (chance this could fall into May).

  • Keep smelling all these beautiful Spring flowers that send me into a dreamy daze of happiness.

Incidentally, the picture above is of Peter looking longingly at Hugh Grant. No obvious connection to the post that I can see, but let's face it, we all stare at Hugh.


brooke said...

Well it's about freakin time! :) Stupid jobs. Looking forward to the back posts! Not sure if you saw my canning calendar post a couple months ago, but I'm getting super excited to go pick some fruit in the coming months to start canning! We should plan a road trip/canning day!

brooke said...

PS: I'm on quite the homemade recipe search this weekend. Not for food, mind you, rather household and personal hygiene "stuff". Lotions, conditioner, deodorant, laundry detergent, etc. Could be added to canning day. :)