Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hooo, Hooo's Feeling the Felt Love?

Apparently every major home retailer and design blog out there, that's "hooo."

Inspired by my famous Grandma Graham's feltariffic endeavors of the past and nostalgia for holidays spent with her, my mom and I have embarked upon a full out felt bonanza of crafting goodness. We both have fond memories of her creating beautiful, multi-colored felt doves to grace her tree and thought we would keep the tradition going. However, as per usual, we got a little carried away. Naturally, by carried away I mean that felt doves turned into further plans for felt partridges, felt owls, felt tree skirts, felt table runners, fanciful felt dog coats for Elwood, and felt stockings. Felt is to us, as Shrimp are to Bubba. The kitchen table is a DISASTER area.

My favorite of the felt projects so far are these cute little felt owl ornaments, which is not surprising, given my odd obsession with birds. Inspired by the smaller versions we saw at Crate & Barrel, we drew a quick template, picked up some felt, bargain quilt squares, googley eyes, and Aleene's Craft Glue, and stitched them up with a touch of stuffing. I love the whimsical mix of colors!

My mom also made these gorgeous felt doves to decorate her wreath - love the "JOY" stitched across the center bird!

More felt goodness to come when tree skirts, stockings, pillows (forgot to mention these above!), and dog coats are completed ... Moderation is for suckers!

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