Friday, August 7, 2009

Cultivating my gilded thumb

I was sadder than sad when my beloved Domino magazine went under several months ago. We only had 5 issues together! A loving relationship tragically cut short. Their website was especially good, too, particularly for neat little features like creating your own terrarium. When I first hear "terrarium," I only think of holding a toad by the name of Norman captive in one for several weeks until it became blaringly apparent that he would have none of the crickets and other bugs I continually foisted upon him (don't fret, he was eventually released back into "wild," also known as the camellia bush).

On the other hand, Domino's versions are a great deal more attractive. I just love how elegant and charming these little plants look in bell jars! Now "terrarium" conjures up images of Victorian hothouses, bustles, and little finches in gilded cages. Further evidence I was born in the wrong era (i.e. century!).

I'm dying to make a few to put on my mantle, and I think they would make great gifts, as well. Keep a sharp eye out for me if you're ever wandering a flea-market, etc. for bell jars! Unfortunately, the directions went away with the website, so I'll really be winging it.

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